Pilot EMPA

We'll do the heavy lifting so you can get the most out of EMPA.

EMPA Pilot Process

We drive the entire thing to show you what you can achieve with EMPA.

  • Discovery
    Day 1

    We become familiar with your company culture, organizational structure, strategic goals, and existing performance measurement solutions.

    We'll provide a simple template to configure EMPA perfectly for your business.

  • Pilot Kick Off
    Day 5

    We schedule a kick off meeting to introduce your team to your own fully-customized pilot implementation and collect any additional business or technology requirements you need us to satisfy.

    You'll be able to start using EMPA immediately after we've sent your first competency assessment.

  • First Retrospective
    Day 40

    We schedule a short retrospective to learn about your experience with our solution and collect ideas on how we can increase the value of EMPA to your business.

    We'll incorporate product feedback into our roadmap and prioritize it for development.

  • Business Intelligence
    Day 45

    We create a summary report with your data to help you understand and interpret every data point that has been collected with EMPA.

    This report will be delivered to the person on your team who registered for the pilot in both digital and physical mediums for easy consumption and socialization at your firm.

  • Data Science Report
    Day 70

    We use data science and behavioral analysis to identify your strongest perfomers, weakest performers, and provide you with coaching insights to help them improve in both the short term and long term.

    Personality insights and other qualities unique to each individual are derived from IBM Watson to complement the insights provided by your clients.

  • Retrospective
    Day 90

    We schedule a final retrospective to share an executive pilot summary with key learnings, results, and opportunities discovered during the pilot and propose a plan for continued engagement.