Pay as you go, no contracts or commitments.

You'll be charged a flat price for the data you collect each month with EMPA.


Every capability, integration, and workflow is included.

  • 1 - 9 completed assessments

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    $ 9.99 per assessment

  • 10 - 99 completed assessments

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    $ 7.99 per assessment

  • 100 - 999 completed assessments

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    $ 5.99 per assessment

  • 1000+ completed assessments

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    $ 3.99 per assessment

  • When am I billed?

    We bill on the 1st of every month based on the number of assessments are completed by client stakeholders during the previous month. You will not be able to send any new assessments until an outstanding balance is settled, but you will still have access to your data.

    Things happen and we are 100% friendly when it comes to working out any billing-related issues.

  • How is my bill calculated?

    You are charged for each completed assessment during the current billing period. If an assessment is sent before the end of the month and completed in the next month, it will be added to the current month total.

    If an assessment expires before being completed by a client stakeholder, you won't be billed for it. That's the easiest way to ensure you aren't paying for anything that doesn't add value to your implementation.

  • Payment methods?

    We accept Stripe for payment inside the app. Credit Card, Debit Card, or ACH allows you to choose a payment method that matches your procurement needs.